"The work of art is the piece of the nature filtered through temperament of the artist"
Emile Zola

She was
born 13 March, 1986 in the city of Ventspils, in Latvia.

2005 - she left secondary school of Ventspils
2010 – sh
e gradueted Latvia University of Agriculture, science - Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture








2010 -now          Studio of visual art ''Mansards'', Jelgava

2006-2007         Lessons with Marita Leimane, drawing of the plaster heads, Jelgava

2003-2005         Studio of visual art in ''Ventspils jaunrades nams'', teacher Marita Klusha

2001-2003          Art school, Ventspils


During the period 2001- 2003 she studied and has left Ventspils Art School, where the first basic knowledge at the rate of drawing and painting has been received.
Then, for the next 2 years the Ventspils jaunrades nams Art Studio has became her favourite place. Here Natalia has created the best and most favourite works which in the majority have been created by a pencil.

"In black-and-white drawing, as well as in a black-and-white photo there should be a gradation from the most dark to the most light’’. This principle, and still many other things about which has told teacher Marita, Natalia considers till now, creating the works.

To Natalia the still-life is pleasant to that inanimate objects, simple by sight, it is possible to "animate" - to bring in them a part of herself thanks to simple receptions of the fine arts - possessing feeling of a rhythm and a composition and also, ability to distribute voice-frequency relations correctly.

Stroke of the artist, as well as handwriting of people – of everyone, must be especial. It also gives to work of art the originality and beauty.

Natalia also draws with pleasure landscapes, which can be both sketches of city kinds, and open spaces of the Latvian nature.
"Drawing is the one of the ways to distract, be forget about everything. Drawing brings huge pleasure and satisfaction, especially, when you look and evaluate the finished work. Usually I like to draw alone so that nothing could disturb, as well as with some music playing, which corresponds to my mood."



2013 may - Ventspils artists works exhibition, ''Teatra nams Juras varti'' , Ventspils


2012 july - Drawing competition ''Dedication to Kazakhstan'' ,

 works exhibition in ''Parventas library'', Ventspils

more information about competition here






2012 may -  Exhibition of works of Studio of Visual Art ''Mansards'' -

''Child of art'', tower of church of the Holy Trinity, Jelgava






2011 Exhibition of works of Studio of Visual Art, to devoted 20 yers  anniversary of this studio, ''Teatra nams Juras varti'' , Ventspils
2010 - Drawing competition "Teeth away from books"

2006 - Personal exhibition, Jelgava

2005 - Exhibition of works of Studio of Visual Art ’’Still-life’’, Ventspils Museum

2005 - Exhibition of works of Studio of Visual Art ''Summer painting outdoors'', Kuldiga

2005 - Kurzeme Exhibition of Visual Art, ’’The Different World 2005’’

2004 - Exhibition of works of Studio of Visual Art, Ventspils